Navigating a sound
course in a sea of

Every organisation is different, each with its own particular mix of communications needs. The challenge is to navigate the right course, while making all the correct technology choices along the way. We exist to help you steer that course, to make those choices, and to support your journey. Increasing your productivity, service quality and mobility while reducing risk, complexity and cost.

Business critical needs

Engineered for

We specialise in advanced communications solutions for organisations where the quality, agility, and stability of their communications set-up is mission-critical to the operation. Whether you’re a 50-person contact centre or an international financial services operation, we’ll help sharpen your competitive edge by advancing your use of communications technology.
The right choices


Over the years we’ve forged trusted, close relationships with both major technology providers, such as Avaya, Verint and Cisco, and an extensive network of specialist providers from the telecoms, software, hardware and networking fields. We tap into the knowledge and capability of our network to ensure we bring exactly what you need.
Expert implementation

No shortcuts.

Each implementation, large or small, is planned and executed with military precision by our highly accomplished team of certified engineers and project managers. With Capstone you enjoy the speed and agility of a specialist, service orientated provider. No layers, no bureaucracy, just direct, honest, hard-working, expert support.
24/7 global support

Always on,
always ready.

We’re here, we’re open and we’re ready to make a difference. Our intention is to work quickly, honestly and effectively. To empower, monitor, support and delight, domestically and internationally, 24/7, from our bases in the US, the UK and Ireland.
Capstone demonstrated excellent understanding of our business and our sector. They are well established in large contact centres. Sound advisors, trusted specialist, a real partner – not people who keep trying to flog you stuff. My team have lots of good things to say about their day-to-day work with the Capstone team.
John Ryan,
Head of IT & Change, Post Insurance

For a different experience

Less waste, less bureaucracy, more direct, for greater value.
Direct access to senior team, insights from expert partners.
Faster design and implementation from a specialist, agile team.
More direct, attentive, expert, flexible support.
To plan, guide and support, making life simple for our clients.
Capability and agility to implement quick win, niche solutions.

For a real impact

It’s our mission to help you harness the power of intelligent, agile, cost effective
communications technologies to strengthen your organisation.

…speed, agility and productivity
…quality of service you provide
…dependability of your communications
…ability to meet and prove compliance
…your competitive advantage


…labour costs through automation
….telecom costs with best fit, lean solutions
….maintenance costs through proactive monitoring
…pressure on internal IT resources
…in barriers to working flexibly & remotely

Let’s talk

Whatever your need today, big or small, we’re ready to listen and see how we can make a difference. Call, email or request a callback.