Is connectivity critical to your business? Do your employees suffer for every minute of downtime, or your customers complain of a poor experience? You shouldn’t have to hope and pray that your network won’t let you down. At Capstone, we make sure we understand your needs, and design bespoke solutions to fit.

If you’re an SME in a single office location, and your service provider is offering 95% uptime, then how are you handling the impact of that other 5%? Availability is crucially important. When the system does go down, you could be losing business – whether that’s interrupted sales calls, or being unable to communicate with your customers.

At an enterprise level, the impact of a poorly connected or disparate network will be costly. How do you connect everyone to a scalable, flexible, global solution? The answer will be a variation of the Wide Area Network, or WAN. We source, and partner with, expert providers of these systems to serve the very largest enterprise needs.

“Our downtime was significantly reduced, and we felt far more in control than with our previous network solution. I’m definitely grateful for Capstone’s hard work, and expertise”

Paul, Client, Banking Sector

Once your network is up and running and secure, there is also the challenge of the experience for both employee and customer alike. Is there a joined up, seamless experience? Are your systems disparate? Are they clashing? We can improve user experience for both your customers and your employees by identifying your needs, then designing and implementing solutions to match.

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Our Partner Solutions Include:


Combining the best of open source and proprietary products, Gamma can build highly available, secure and high performing applications efficiently.


Colt provides world-class network and communications services to information intensive businesses across Europe, Asia and North America.


Masergy offer the very best in agile and secure network solutions, all readily customized for use in a cloud-first world.
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A cloud telephony toolkit for voice and SMS. Empower your business with voice applications and SMS capabilities.
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Banking Ireland

Banking on communications

From a world of stifling, confusing, dated technology to one of simplicity and agility. 18 branches and multiple departments now operating as one.
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For a real impact

It’s our mission to help you harness the power of intelligent, agile, cost effective communications technologies to strengthen your organisation.

…security performance
…network scalability
…the user experience
…flexibility around cost
…network availability


…network downtime
…operational costs
…negative customer sentiment
…business risk
…reliance on disparate systems

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